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The BSA Engagement 365 Toolkit is intended to Empower and Support Leaders as they navigate and optimize the opportunities  that employee engagement provides every day of the year.

Within the BSA Engagement 365 Toolkit you will find:


Read articles and perspectives about employee engagement- what it is, what it is not and why it matters.



Motivated. Passionate. Excited.  This section is intended to strengthen your capacity and understanding within a variety of areas…and in turn, increase the strength of your team, your organizational culture and the entire organization 365 days out of the year.

We will continuously add to this section in the spirit of providing BSA leaders with articles, books, online videos, training and development resources and more. Current topics include: 

  • Culture: Understanding and Building Healthy Organizational Cultures
  • Meetings: Effective Meetings and Meeting Facilitation
  • Planning: Planning for and Measuring Success
  • Teams: Creating, Building and Sustaining Teams
  • Trust: Building and Sustaining Trust

If there is a topic that you would like to see added, please email Lisa Gravel at lisa.gravel@scouting.org or call 972.580.2030. 



The forum provides a place where you can share your ideas and read those of others about topics within employee engagement, tools and resources. You can sort and search by topic of interest.



BSA’s Employee Engagement Survey provides leaders, teams and individuals with information about our employees’ experiences and perceptions. The process, which is more than the survey itself, offers opportunities to engage with your people.  This section provides information about the survey, the annual timeline and action steps that leaders can take to communicate and engage their people in the results. 

Within this section there is a toolkit just for the BSA Employee Engagement Survey to support leaders,

The Employee Engagement Survey Discussion and Action Planning Toolkit

Special Thanks are extended to the members of the BSA Engagement 365 Toolkit Design Team: BSA Research Team members- Pat Wellen, Paige Paradis and Dan Warren; BSA Strategy Team members- Tom Jansen , Jim Kornegay and Kristina Lucas; ScoutingU Team Lead- Steve Yackel and team; Membership Growth Coach Team Lead- Lee Marconi and team and BSA Employment Team Lead- Jon TenBroeck.